How do I know whether my client’s card is still active?

Log-in and go to “Manage Cards”, and select extended time. Enter the client’s last name and search; there is a column listing the current expiration date for the card or it will say “Card Deactivated” If deactivated, call (888) 795-4367 Option 1 to request the card be Re-activated. Otherwise, you may extend the card by clicking the +30 or +60 button online.

How Do I extend the expiration date of the card?

Log-in and go to “Manage Cards”, and select extended time. Enter the client’s last name and search; there is a column listing the current expiration date for the card. You can choose to extend the card by clicking the +30 or +60 button. This will extend the card from the current Expiration date unless that date is in the past, in which case it will use todays date with the extended time.

What’s the existing balance of my client’s card?

Bills are sent to you as soon as they are received and you can also view the current balance online. Or call us at (888) 795-4367 and select Option 1.

How do I increase the limit on a card?

You can request an increase online under “Manage Cards” or call us at 888-795-4367 and select Option 1.

Who Can Use the Program?

It’s up to the attorney to determine who in the firm may request AccidentMeds cards through the attorney’s account. As part of the online request, the requestor must verify that the request is on behalf of the attorney and also provide name, contact phone number and email.

It’s important that when you have a change in staff to remember to change the password on the account.

Call for assistance to set up account 888-795-4367

Reduce the risk of client abuse

The AccidentMeds Program is administered by our national pharmacy partner. Drug utilization review is applied to determine use of the program and includes screening for:

  • Duplicate RX, age/sex, Standard dosage, Drug interactions, Similar medications, Flag controlled substance, Acute vs. Maintenance.
  • Only generic medications considered standard for trauma or injury included in the formulary. Your clients cannot use this program to fill prescriptions unrelated to their accident. The pharmacist can request special authorization for non-covered medications as needed.


No unexpected surprises

Card limit

Each card has an initial soft limit of $1000 to provide assurance that your client should not incur excessive pharmacy bills. You may increase this limit as needed.

Usual and Customary

In our experience, the typical prescription costs $75-175, subject to the drug, dosage and dispensing pharmacy, but some are considerably more expensive.

No Extra cost

No fees or interest charges. The lien signed is for the standard usual and customary medication charges.

Law Firm with Multiple Attorneys

Each AccidentMeds account is associated with an attorney. We suggest assigning a unique UserID and password for each licensed attorney using the program. However, if your firm is licensed under one primary attorney and all firm business activities are centralized through this attorney Tax ID, you may want to set up your account differently. Please call us and we will assist you.

Most attorneys are able to create a new account and use the program within minutes. Your new account may be created by the attorney or other staff member at the firm.

Law Firm with Multiple Locations

If the attorney has more than one business addresses and would like to create or master account that can be accessed from the other offices, call us. We will set up a central account.

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